Ways to Support


Dear friends in Christ:
We have never needed the church more in a year that has seen an increase in violence and natural disasters in America and around the globe. Our motto is “Serving our Neighbors” and our mission is to “equip people to live as disciples of Jesus.” We urge you to live generously as disciples of Christ and “Take the Journey to Generosity.” We, and the rest of the Vestry, have begun this journey. Will you take the journey with us? Here are 7 ways to take this journey, 7 ways to equip yourself as a disciple of Jesus.

1. Pledge a portion of your financial resources to Emmanuel for the vital work of the church in the world. You may give online or by check via snail mail or the offering plate. To pay by check, please download the pledge form, complete it, and  place it an envelope labeled “Bookkeeper,” to either leave in the offering plate or mail to: Bookkeeper, Emmanuel Church, 42 Dearborn St., Newport, RI 02840.

You can download the pledge form here.

2. Pray daily – prayers for thanksgiving and prayers of petition for one another, our community, the world. Pray without ceasing.

3. Remember Emmanuel in your will (and if you don’t have a will, there is no time like the present). We will keep a copy of your will in our safe at church, whether Emmanuel is in your will or not.

4. Introduce someone to Emmanuel. Invite a friend or a family member to church. Sit with them. Hang out with newcomers at coffee hour.

5. Be joyful in the Lord. In the words of Debie Tomas, “Joy is what happens when we daily live into the belief that God can and will bridge the gap between the world we long for and the world we see before our eyes. It is a posture, an orientation, a practice. A willingness to sit gently but persistently in the tension of the ‘not yet,’ trusting that God’s peace will guard our hearts and minds in that in-between place for as long as it takes. This is joy at its most robust, its most powerful.”

6. In the words of Paul, “think about and do what is right. Philippians 4-9

7. Love Jesus and love Emmanuel – every day! By so doing you will follow both our motto of serving our neighbors and our mission of equipping one another to live as followers of Jesus.

Life is an opportunity and a journey — a journey to saying “Yes” to the God who calls us Beloved. Life is a journey to love, to welcome and to invite; a journey to create peace and to live generously. A journey together means always moving forward. As members of Emmanuel, we are excited that you have chosen to participate with us on our journey, and hope you will always find us good traveling companions. The journey will be incomplete without you – Please join us!


The Rev’d Dr. Anita Louise Schell, Rector
Lillian Hargrove, Senior Warden
Annie Sherman, Junior Warden

Stewardship Testimonials

Commitment Sunday 1 from Steve MacAusland on Vimeo.

Commitment Sunday 2. Brett Bartholomaus, USMC from Steve MacAusland on Vimeo.

Commitment SUNDAY 3, Sarah Atkins from Steve MacAusland on Vimeo.

Legacy Society

You become a member of the “Forever Emmanuel Society” by naming Emmanuel in your will. It’s that simple! Join with the members of Emmanuel who have already done so, and thereby are members of the Legacy Society, or what will be called the Forever Emmanuel Society. Contact Mother Anita at 401-847-0675 or rector@emmanuelnewport.org for more information about naming Emmanuel in your will.

The Value of Emmanuel Church as a Community Institution

For the past 160 years, Emmanuel has been a vibrant presence and an anchor in our Island Community. As “the church of the people,” some of our outreach programs have long since grown beyond our walls. These include Island Hospice, the Church Community Housing Corporation, and the Maher Center, a sheltered workshop. Our “Soup’s On,” begun in 1982, has become part of an island-wide network to feed hungry people. Our annual mission trips have helped people in need from Appalachia and New Mexico to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Founded in 2004, Emmanuel Day School has given hundreds of local children a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. Many local groups, from Alcoholics Anonymous to the Girl Scouts, use our community hall. We keep finding new ways to be of service. Examples include our Saturday “Neighborhood Breakfasts” and the “Emmanuel Speakers Series.” In short, Newport is a better place to live because of Emmanuel Church.

The Age and Condition of the Church that supports our Role in the Community

Our present church building has been serving the community for 114 years. Though our predecessors were good stewards, the ravages of time and weather have taken their toll on our aging campus. Since the catastrophic rains of March 2010, our priorities list has grown in length and in urgency. Despite generous donations from members of our congregation, much remains to be done. Our magnificent church building, one of Newport’s architectural treasures, has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is imperative that we, as a community, preserve this beautiful space for future generations.

What We Must Do to Secure Emmanuel’s Future Role in Newport

In the Forever Emmanuel brochure you will find a prioritized list of capital repairs and upgrades with an explanation of both the need and the estimated cost for each project. The total comes to over a million dollars. We will use this list to guide how the funds raised will be spent. Recognizing that some donors might want to contribute toward a particular need on the list, we will attempt to honor such a preference. You may give to this campaign on a one-time basis or over a period of time.

For more information regarding the Forever Emmanuel Campaign, please contact the Emmanuel Parish Office at admin@emmanuelnewport.org or 401-847-0675.